Wall Tiles for Kitchen

Wall Tiles for Kitchen

Stained glass reflects the warmth and charms of your home,it is the best choice for wall decoration

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Stained glass reflects the warmth and charms of your home,it is the best choice for wall decoration

1037F-A Glass Mosaic 04.jpg 


  1. Item Name:wall tiles for kitchen

  2. Item No.:1037F-A

  3. Material:Glass

  4. Sheet Size:307*305*3 mm

1037F-A Glass Mosaic 03.jpg
1037F-A Glass Mosaic 02.jpg


 1. Material: Glass ( No harmful to human body)

 2. Factory Direct, Meets your needs at a very low cost

 3. Natural Beauty, Natural stone does vary in pattern and color, so each piece will be unique.

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