Wall Mosaic

Wall Mosaic

Glass effect mosaic will change the color when it is under the sunlight. We can see the rainbow with this mosaic.

Product Details

CK building material Wall Mosaic


CK building material, Wall Mosaic, Causal style stained glass mosaic for wall

Item Name: Wall Mosaic

Dimension: 312x308mm

Thickness: 3mm

Material: stained glass

Usage: Garage wall, kitchen backsplashes, shower wall, interior wall, etc.


Easy to clean, suitable for kitchen wall

No radiation, good material for building

Low water absorption, suitable for bathroom wall


More color for choose:

More colors please contact CK. 

About CK:

1. Is the color will be faded?

No, the tiffany glass's color will never be faded.

2.What's the difference between stained glass and common glass mosaic?

The stained glass mosaic with the color insert the glass, not on the surface. the color more nature.

3.Can I choose the color as i want?

Yes, We have color list for more than 200 colors. 

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